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Nothing beats some rich Carribean style cooking when in the tropics! My cousin Viviana, shared with me her recipe for a delicious dinner—we made it with Red Snapper, but try it with other white fish as well :)

Costa Rica Caribbe Style Rice and Beans with Red Snapper

Marinate the Snapper filets with roasted garlic, bomba (a Caribbean spice mix), curry powder, banana vinegar, olive oil, ground black pepper, salt

{For the Rice and Beans}

Mince: 1 onion

2 stalks of celery

A couple of cloves of garlic

And sautee in a fryingpan with 1 cup of cooked kidney beans

Add a dash of All Spice and ½ cup of water

Hot peppers can be added at this point to taste!

Add ½ cup of coconut milk* to the pan and a few sprigs of fresh Thyme

At this point, measure out 2 cups of rice and and add it to the pan

Followed by 4 cups of coconut milk

Cover and simmer until the rice is cooked through

{For the Fish}

Chop and Sautee: 1 onion, 3 stalks of celery, 2 carrots, 1 bell pepper, 1 cup of cauliflower

Add 1 medium sized tomato, chopped, along with a few sprigs of fresh thyme and hot peppers to taste!

Cook over low heat, stirring occasionally

Sautee the marinated Snapper filets in olive oil and ¼ cup of coconut milk until mostly cooked

Add the sauteed vegetable mix on top of the fish filets and cook over low heat 3 min.

*coconut milk is best when freshly made, however, you can buy it in most groceriy stores in a can—go for organic when possible! There are lower fat versions of coconut milk too

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Now this is what I call farm to table, SLOWW food.  I visited Gaia Aguas Termales, an area developed by Silvio Bonomelli as a biointensive garden and thermal hotspring campsite.  It is located about an hour outside of San Jose, in the mountains between San Isidro General and Cartago.  Silvio has created a haven for himself and has worked with the land to grow coffee, and on a smaller scale, vegetables for a line of incredible dehydrated ‘raw’ products.  

I spent a few days camping here, helping out in the building sized dehydrator, which sources heat from the natural hot springs, and collecting my own vegetables from the garden. The only cooking stove is wood burning, the process of preparing the days meals in this way has made me think about the luxury of a gas range stove!

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Wild mushrooms, fairy princesses, enchanted forests and seemingly serendipitous traveling companions are a few of my favorite things. Thank you travel gods—there are many lessons I have yet to learn! (at Gaia Agua Termales)

Wild mushrooms, fairy princesses, enchanted forests and seemingly serendipitous traveling companions are a few of my favorite things. Thank you travel gods—there are many lessons I have yet to learn! (at Gaia Agua Termales)

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Passion Flower and Papaya Flower

Beautifully domesticated floral formations that produce such exotic and heavenly rich fruit experiences!

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The colors of the fruit and vegetables that I have found thus far have been inspirational. Orange and green was the theme of the day. For breakfast, I opened this small papaya anticipating the usual cluster of gelatinous, fish egg-like seeds one usually finds in this miracle fruit.  Instead I found nothing! Astonishing, an infertile papaya—somehow it seemed that this poor fruit had been deprived of something in its fruit entity; luckily it ended up in the hands of the right person.  I had purchased a bag of ripe passion fruit (maracuya) at the market the previous day, cut open a particularly perfect one and poured its goopy contents into the hollow cave of the papayas belly; and voila! the papaya seemed whole once again. Adding a kiwi for garnish, this combination was absolutely heavenly and I devoured my breakfast with gusto and delight.  You know, what the papaya lacked in its inability to reproduce, it made up for in the sweetness of its buttery flesh, that carried the implanted ‘roe’ uncannily well. 

I spent the rainy afternoon at a new favorite vegetarian spot in San Jose called Mantras and ordered the Yogi Bowl with a side salad and raw tahini dressing. The look of the dish was oddly reminiscent of my breakfast—A lovely meal and enough to take home with me for dinner!

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Flower power (at Playa Dominical, Costa Rica)

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The sublime exists in many forms here—treading lightly and taking it all in

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Forever taking leaps of faith and expecting…what? Perhaps some sensational inspiration—or just sensation for the sake of experience.  Whatever the motive, today I was lured into the muddy but warm and inviting waters at Montezuma waterfalls, located at the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula! 

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I am on a quest for raw/living foods culture in Costa Rica and have thus far found some great inspiration! Feria Verde, a green and organic outdoor market takes place in San Jose here in Costa Rica on Saturday mornings and features local vendors, all of whom seem to share common ground in their quest and celebration of sustainable practices.  My favorite vendor thus far is one called Gaia Super Foods and specializes in dehydrated fruits and kale chips! I loved them so much that I have arranged to volunteer at their production site for a few days starting on Monday—I am looking forward to expanding my raw foods knowledge and will be sure to update!

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Exploring the Central Market in San Jose!  So much fun to see these cool herbal remedies for all types of ailments. Costa Rica seems to be totally on board with more traditional and holistic approaches to health and well being. Time-tested herbal effects, in combination with some placebo might be just what the doctor ordered!

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Continued my walk around San Jose away from the more crowded downtown and discovered some great street art. 

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I arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica on Wednesday afternoon. Despite getting off to a bit of a rocky start, the travel itself was comfortable and transfers, easy.  

I was received by my cousin Dan and tagged along to his office. This office is far more along the lines of what I would like to one day call an office for myself!  The space from which he works is soon to be a fully operational garden to table, brick oven eatery that will be serving pizza, rustic style breads, and craft beers. The space will also house an organic market for locally produced goods. There is so much in the works for this project!

Although located on the main highway connecting San Jose to the Caribbean coast, it is still secluded enough to create a haven for beautiful fruiting citrus trees, rain collecting bromeliads and this little guy who agreed to pose for a mini photo shoot.  

Literally the size of half of my fingernail, I found him sleeping between the petals of a white and pink speckled hydrangea bush. He awoke, but did not seem concerned in the least that I was there to marvel at his tiny existence.  He peered out over the floral cluster and turned around, almost in an inviting manner, simultaneously displaying his bold personality and impossibly delicate structure in the tiny blue veins I was able to capture. 

Look closely at life my friends, there are little wonders to be found in the folds of petals! 

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Rainy afternoon pepper planting while preparing my first Costa Rican coffee experience mm (at San Rafael De Heredia. Heredia)

Rainy afternoon pepper planting while preparing my first Costa Rican coffee experience mm (at San Rafael De Heredia. Heredia)

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